Instruments -

1988 OMI Dobro 60D

headstock db my dobro

2000 Crafters of Tennessee Tut Taylor Resophonic Guitar (Tut Taylor's Resonator)

 tut's reso    headstock



Tools - 

Flat Pick

     Plain old flat pick, any flat pick will do.  I like to use a 1.0 mm medium/heavy flat pick.  Tut preferred a 0.74 mm flat pick.  


Charlie's Slide Pro Capo

     Charlie’s Slide Pro Capo is the best capo I have ever used. Putting it on is fast and easy only taking one hand but that’s only half of it. It has enough mass to it so that it doesn’t loose any tone as you move it up the fretboard. The sound is rich and full like a tone bar. 

Charlie's capo

Charlie's Slide Tone Bar (Steve Toth Special)

     Charlie’s Slide Tone Bar (Steve Toth Special) is the most comfortable and smoothest bar I have used.  It feels like part of your hand and glides like air.

 charlie's slide

      Both Charlie's Slide Pro Capo and Tone Bar (Steve Toth Special) are available directly from Charlie McClary at Charlie's

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