I had an incredible time at the ResoGat this year in Wilkesboro, NC. Had a lot of visitors stop by to talk flatpicking dobro and enjoyed checking out my booth of Tut Taylor instruments and memorabilia. The full video of my workshop on using a thumbpick like a flatpick and Tut Taylor licks is available free to watch on YouTube 

Some photos of my Tut Taylor Memorabilia and Instrument Booth




See you next year!


I will be back at the ResoGat this year with my Tut Taylor collection 7/10 to 7/13 in Wilkesboro, NC. I am honored to be conducting another workshop this year on Thursday 7/11 at 3PM. The workshop this year will focus on Tut Taylor's flatpicking techniques and how they relate to modern fingerpicking techniques. Check out the ResoGat at www.resogat.org


Paul E Johnson and I will be performing at some great festivals this spring, WV PubFest and Mountain Music Festival.



Paul E Johnson and I will be performing at the West Virginia Winter Music Festival in Lewisburg WV 1/26/2019.  Stage schedule is posted below.  




 It was an honor to be a part of Healing Appalachia by Hope in the Hills.  The Lone Wolf Revue had a grand time playing the after party and thank everyone that attended.

          Images by Jaime Wykle Photography


ResoGat 2018


     I had an incredible time at the ResoGat this year in Wilkesboro, NC.  Had a lot of visitors stop by to talk flatpicking dobro and enjoyed checking out my booth of Tut Taylor instruments and memorabilia.  The full video of my workshop on the music of Tut Taylor is available free to watch on YouTube.  The Tar Heel Traveler at WRAL channel 5 out of Raleigh, NC stopped by to do a story on the gathering and did a quick interview with me and had me pick them a tune.  Resonator builder Peter Mosco of Mosco String Works brought the other Tutbro prototype that he purchased from Tut to the gathering and we reunited the two original Tutbros once again.  The ResoGat is free to attend and I highly recommend it to all levels of players.  It is always a great time and every year I leave having learned something new.


Tut Taylor Instrument and Memorabilia booth




The two original Tutbros with Peter Mosco



Flat Picking Dobro Workshop


WRAL Tar Heel Traveler news segment 



     I am happy to announce that I will be an exhibitor at this year's ResoGat in Wilkesboro, NC from July 11th to 14th.  I will have my collection of Tut Taylor instruments and other memorabilia on display and will be around to discuss and play some flat picking dobro.  The first time I got to sit down and pick with Tut was at the ResoGat.  The ResoGat is held at the Holiday Inn Express in Wilkesboro, NC from Wednesday July 11th to Saturday July 14th and is free to attend.

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     I had a grand time at the ResoGat.  Here is a full video of the workshop I conducted.  Thanks to everyone that attended.


     I am happy to announce that I will be conducting a workshop on how to flat pick the dobro in the style of Tut Taylor at the Gathering of Resonateurs (ResoGat) in Wilkesboro, NC this year.  The workshop will be at 10:30 am on Thursday 7/6/17.  The ResoGat is held each year at the Holiday Inn in Wilkesboro, NC and is free to attend.



      How to flat pick the dobro in the style of Tut Taylor videos. Step by step instruction on how to play the square neck resonator guitar (dobro) with a flat pick just like Tut Taylor.  Videos are over 20 minutes long each and free.  There are no accompanying tabs but I take things slow.  If you have any questions or requests contact me here on my website.  More lessons are available on my YouTube page.



     Papa's Dobro has a new home.  I have been very saddened by the loss of Tut Taylor.  He is an American music legend and my hero as well as one of my best friends.  He told me before he passed that he was very happy to know that his style of flat picking the dobro would live on even after he was gone and thanked me for that.  He wrote about that in the liner notes of my tribute album Double Clutching and in the lyrics to his song Papa Don't Play the Dobro Anymore.  In the song he talks about the dobro sitting and waiting to be played once again after Papa passes away and then mentions the new flat picker Corey Lee McQuade coming.  It has been two years now since he passed and just as he said his dobro had been waiting until recently.  I am the new proud owner of Tut's Tennessee Resonator made by his son Mark in 2000.  This instrument was built for the Aereo-plain Band Reunion Show and was Tut's main resonator.  He hand painted the case which I have retired from road travel.  I painted a new case in tribute to his old painted case for his Dobro Model 27 with his Dobrolic Plectral Society logo and use his reso as my main instrument.





     I am very proud to announce the release of my new album "Double Clutching" a tribute to Tut Taylor on Tutlee Records, produced by Tut Taylor.  


     CDs and Digital Downloads are available for purchase under the Store tab and you can stream the album under the Music tab.  The album includes eleven of Tut's songs including "Double Clutching" a previously unreleased lost song of Tut's written in the early 70's and an instrumental version of John Hartford's "Vamp in the Middle".  This was recorded mostly live in the studio with a collection of some of the finest musicians I know featuring Paul E Johnson, Xander Hitzig, Orion Hitzig, Garry Segal, and Clint Lewis.  

     Check out the Streaming section for streaming and digital song downloads from past live shows and jam sessions.  There are some rare gems and wonderful moments available in MP3 and WAV formats for free.  Some of my personal favorites are The Lone Wolf Revue show and Johnson's Crossroad performing The Grateful Dead's "Ramble on Rose" with Stig Stiglets on bass and lead vocal, John Hartford's "Back in the Goodle Days" from the John Hartford Memorial Festival, and Tut Taylor's "Mist on the High Meadow" which was almost included on the Double Clutching album as a live track.  Also available is one of my most prized recordings from a pickin' party at Tut's house in the family room with both of us playing one of my favorite tunes of his "Steven's Steel".   I am always adding new songs so be sure check back in from time to time.


     The flat pickin' Dobro hits the silver screen.  Check out a clip from James Franco's movie adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's Child of God.  I am singing and playing the old time West Virginia tune "Sandy Boys" with the Hell For Certain String Band.  We spent an evening with Franco and company filming this scene and the next day we did a recording session of a handful of traditional tunes for part of the soundtrack to the film.


     New song from Tut Taylor.  Papa Don't Play the Dobro Anymore written by Tut in 2012.  It is a real honor to be a part of this project and to be mentioned in the lyrics is beyond belief.  This is the first song Tut has ever written with full lyrics out of hundreds of songs he's written.

From up in West Virginia come a new flat pick sound,

It's Corey Lee McQuade and he's coming to town.

Soon there will be flat pickers from all around

'cause Papa left his legacy down in old Shacktown.





Folks, I play a vintage '88 OMI 60D Dobro and use the name Dobro quite frequently and would like to remind everybody that Dobro is a registered trademark of the Gibson Guitar Corporation.   

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